Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Six Festive and Free Holiday Printables

I've got something really fun to share today! In the spirit of the season, I'm sharing 6 festive and totally free holiday printables - including two Christmas Thank You Cards from my new collection (the full collection is available for purchase here), as well as holiday recipe cards, gift tags, and bookmarks. As time allows I'll add a couple more printables here too. I love printables and I think they're a great little just because gift for friends and family members. I think some of these, like the recipe cards or bookmarks, would fit perfectly in a stocking too.

All of the printables are sized to be printed on 8.5 x 11" paper and look great when printed on a really thick cardstock. Click the links below each image to download the pdf. If you end up sharing any of the printables on your blog, let me know in the comments as I'll be sure to link back.


To download the Blue Chevron Christmas Thank You Cards: Click here

To download the Bell Christmas Thank You Cards: Click here

To download the Christmas Gift Tags: Click here

To download the Bookmarks: Click here

To download page one of the holiday recipe cards: Click here

To download page two of the holiday recipe cards: Click here

New Christmas Thank You Cards

Well this post is a long time coming! But the new Christmas Thank You Cards are finally available in the shop and you can view them here. Next to summertime, the Christmas holidays are pretty much my favorite time of year and creating this collection gave me a lot of time to reflect on favorite Christmas memories and to look forward to all the fun we'll have this year with family and friends. I'm looking forward to board games, baking, snow, and the new foster dog we'll be taking in when we get back from our holidays!

My earliest memories of writing thank you notes are from one of my earliest Christmases - I must have been just 6 or 7. I don't remember having any pretty stationery to write them on, but I'm sure the sentiments were just as sincere. I remember that I would have preferred to spend time playing with all my new toys, but having grown older writing thank you cards has taken on more meaning. I see it as a great opportunity to let people know just how important they are to me and to reminisce after special events.

The first card actually finds it's origins in an early Christmas memory - my grandparents (or Nana and Papa as we called them) always had a glitzy, glittery tree with ornaments that would now be described as "retro". There was lots of silver tinsel and shiny turquoise and green ornaments. The Ornament Christmas Thank You Cards remind me of some of my first Christmases, I remember how fun and magical some of those holidays were.

One of my very favorite books growing up was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I just couldn't get over the snowy, magical world that was Narnia - let's just say they had me at talking animals! I remember as a young girl, walking around our neighborhood on a particularly snowy winter day, before I knew that Narnia wasn't "real" and the wonder I felt, as if a talking moose might appear at any moment. Growing up with a huge forest just beyond our backyard did everything to make me believe that reality was just as amazing as what I read in books. These Christmas Tree Thank You Cards remind me of that and make me excited to read all of those books with our future children.

Because we live in the city, we don't see wild animals frolicking on our balcony or out on the streets. It's a different story for my parents though, they live in Iowa and their backyard is more picturesque than these Snowglobe Christmas Thank You Cards. Ok so maybe we don't see bunnies snuggling too often there - but they see deer, bunnies, raccoons, and all types of animals on a very regular basis! As I was designing this card I couldn't help but think of how fun it is being there at Christmas and how I love seeing deer running through the snow.

These Chevron Patterned Christmas Thank You Cards were created with watercolors to give them just that extra bit of texture! These cards work well for Christmas time, and the rest of the year too. They also come in blue and green.

I'm kind of worried I'm becoming a "dog lady" - I'm showing all the signs... Since getting our first foster dog, Jersey - who you can read about here, I've developed some funny new habits. I might be following around 20 dog related pages on Facebook and sending my friends endless pictures and videos of lots of super cute dogs, my favorite topic of conversation might also be dogs, and I like to spend my breaks watching "The Dog Whisperer". So it makes sense that a couple cute pooches made their way into my Christmas Collection, and a few more are coming too! The first ones I'll share here are the "Scruffy the Dog - Christmas Thank You Cards" - these cards are special to me because the dog looks so much like my cousin's family's first dog. Scruffy was a sweet and fearless little dog who loved to play with our dog - who was probably 5 times her size. These thank you cards can be personalized with the name of your family.

And finally, I'll share my favorite thank you cards from the collection with you. The Bell Christmas Thank You Cards probably find their inspiration in a favorite family Christmas carol - Silver Bells. Definitely a great song to have on repeat this time of year! These cards can also be personalized with your name or your family's name.

I hope this holiday season is a wonderful one for you, your family and friends! I hope it's filled with thankfulness, fun, generosity, love and magic.