Monday, July 18, 2011

Signs of Summer at Poppytalk

It's Monday. So as I'm looking at these beautiful summer themed products I'm filled with mixed emotions. I'd say there's a little bit of frustration about that Monday thing I just mentioned, but there's also excitement that we're only 4 days from the weekend which will mean some time spent outside...

I know many of you are already fans of Jan's awesome blog, Poppytalk - and may have visited her great indie market, but just in case I'd like to share some work from a couple fellow participants tonight. I think you'll feel inspired to kick back and enjoy all the best of what summer has to offer.

The image above is from the etsy shop of Carolyn Cochrane, a 34 year old self-taught photographer from New Jersey who loves nature and fine art photography. Her blog is filled with scores of beautiful images and you can see more here.

Janis Nicolay is a photographer for various interior and lifestyle magazines who also sells her photos on etsy here, I adore all the bright colors in the above photo. She also has a great blog where she shares snippets from her life and work as well as recipes and diy's too.

Gallant and Jones is Tamra and Gwyn - a local duo who've teamed up to create beautiful handmade deck chairs, many of which I'd love to own. Fun fact - I noticed on their site that the above photos were also taken by Janis Nicolay. Hope you've been inspired by these beautiful products and blogs and that you've got some outdoors time planned soon.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Airmail Thank You Notes on How About Orange

Airmail Thank You Notes Orange and Pink

I've got fun news today! I recently created printable airmail thank you notes (pictured above), and Jessica from How About Orange shared them on her blog last night here. The printable consists of a thank you note, cute airmail stickers and an airmail envelope too. I think they're a great choice if you're looking for casual thank you notes, or you'd like to spend some time teaching your little ones about mail and writing thank you's.

Once you've saved the printable to your computer, you'll definitely want to spend some time checking out How About Orange. Jessica Jones is a professional graphic designer who also creates products for the textile industry. Her blog is a hotspot for cute diy's, printables, fun products and more. Not only does Jessica find lots of great things to share, she's also pretty darn funny too.

I hope you enjoy the printable, and I'd love to hear how you end up using it!


Saturday, July 09, 2011

Big Summer Contest!

I’ve got some big news to share! I’m launching the “Big Summer Contest” tomorrow  to celebrate the new summer collection in the Thank You Cards Shop.

There will be 10 prize winners: 8 individuals will receive a $25 gift certificate for the Thank You Cards Shop and 2 grand prize winners will each receive a $50 gift certificate for the shop.

The shop stocks thank you cards and thank you notes for many different occasions, as well as lots of stationery that’s perfect for any occasion. We also have a fun selection of personalized thank you cards and notes for kids and adults too.

How can you win? To enter the contest you’ll need to “like” the Thank You Cards Shop Facebook page here and leave a comment on this blog post letting us know what you’d pick from the shop if you win.

What do we share on Facebook? You’ll hear from us a few times a month max (!) about free printables, discounts, fun indie blogs and contests. There are no restrictions on who can enter the contest! I know a lot of contests are limited by country, but for this one it doesn’t matter where you live.

The contest begins tomorrow, July 10th, and goes through August 21st. We’ll announce the winners on our blog and Facebook page by August 28th.

Good luck everyone! To enter the contest, simply “like” our Facebook page here and leave a comment on this blog post telling us which cards you’d pick from the shop if you win.


**UPDATE - Sept. 7th, 2011**
Thanks everyone for your patience - we have our 10 winners in the Thank You Cards Shop Big Summer Contest! All winners were chosen via Please keep your eyes on the blog for future contests, special discounts, and more from the Thank You Cards Shop.

To redeem your Gift Certificate please email me at if for any reason you haven't already received an email from me!

1). CrystaL* - $50 Gift Certificate
2). julbGordo - $25 Gift Certificate
3). Diane52 - $25 Gift Certificate
4). yadgirl - $25 Gift Certificate
5). Kristina Best - $25 Gift Certificate
6). Slester - $25 Gift Certificate
7). CandieL - $50 Gift Certificate
8). Michel - $25 Gift Certificate
9). Angie - $25 Gift Certificate
10). Tackettnm - $25 Gift Certificate

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Dispatches from the West Coast

The last few weeks have been a wonderful blur of sunshine, fun, and hard work! I can't believe that it's already July, the days seem to be passing by so quickly. Tonight I'm sharing a random assortment of fun things (movies! ipad apps! adventures! music!) that I've enjoyed or stumbled upon the last month or so.

Seems like it took me awhile to hear about this Seattle based band ~ The Head and the Heart, but their song Lost in My Mind has been on repeat in my office the last few days. It's lovely and has been great background music while I'm working. Image courtesy of Ben Blood.

Today I was looking around the Ikea website for some storage solutions for my office and came across this interactive desktop background - super cute way to organize the icons on your desktop right? I wasn't exactly sure how it worked at first, but found more info in the comments on this post.

A couple weeks ago we saw Woody Allen's new movie, Midnight In Paris, and it was really inspiring! If living a creative life appeals to you in any way, I think you'll love it. How do you decide which movies to see? We always check Rotten Tomatoes, and if something appeals to us and gets over a 70% rating on their site we know it'll be good.

And finally - over the holiday long weekend we visited Golden Ears National Park for some hiking. We hike almost every weekend in the summer, and I think half the fun is checking out new spots as often as possible. Maple Ridge is usually too far for us to go - but with no traffic to speak of on the long weekend (seems like everyone went to the States or Vancouver Island) it only took an hour or so to get there and it was totally worth it. It's one of the largest parks in the province and I'd love to go again and camp and see more of it.

I downloaded the Snapseed App for the Ipad recently and it's pretty great. The photo below was taken at Golden Ears on my Blackberry - the first one is the original shot, and the other two show some basic editing with Snapseed. What I really liked was how intuitive the app is - right off the bat it gives basic suggestions on changes you might make to your photos. And as you're editing the photos by sliding your fingers across the screen the preview mode is really helpful.

The original photo (taken on a Blackberry):

Edits to contrast:

Addition of vintage effect:

Hope you've been having some fun summer adventures - I'll be back in the next day or two with all the details on a big contest!


Monday, July 04, 2011

Summer Brights ~ Thank You Cards Shop New Arrivals

I've been talking about these thank you cards and thank you notes for quite some time now, so I'm excited to finally show them to you! I've included some favorites below, and the full collection can be viewed here. Almost all of the new thank you cards come in a range of colors which you can view by taking a peek at each individual card in the shop. As always, I'm happy to customize your thank you notes with a different color or to make design alterations to ensure they've got just the right look for you. I wrote about my inspiration for the new collection previously here - and I'm happy to be launching them right after a beautiful summer long weekend! I hope yours was really enjoyable and that this new travel inspired, airmail themed collection makes you smile.

Stay tuned to the blog over the next week or two as I'll be launching a fun contest, a cute printable and more!

These navy and green airmail wedding thank you cards are a fun personalized option for saying thanks to guests! I really like the postmark detail, and I'll customize this with your wedding date and city. The airmail wedding thank you cards are available in 6 colors.

If the only place you want to be this summer is "on a boat" then these anchor thank you notes will suit you to a t! These notes are also available in 6 bright colors.

How about a fun twist on the traditional chevron pattern? I've designed several cards for this collection that double as both every day cards as well as thank you cards. These chevron thank you cards are available in 6 colors.

Simple silhouettes and hearts give these wedding thank you notes a fun hint of nostalgia! These are available in 3 colors.

I didn't know just how much I love pink and orange until I started work on this collection - these chevron cards really pop. I offer these cards in 6 colors too.

Thanks for taking a peek at all the new cards and notes!