Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thank You Cards Shop Contest

thank you cards shop giveaway

Need some thank you cards? Well I've got good news! Dionne from the blog City of Dionne was kind enough to host a thank you cards giveaway for me, and 3 lucky winners will each take home a set of 10 cards. With summer weddings, baby showers, dinner parties and more on the horizon I think this is the perfect time of year to pick up some thank you cards. I designed a lot of the cards to be multi-purpose as well, so they can be used any time you want to send a special note to a friend or family member.

With that in mind I should take this opportunity to note that if you see a set of thank you cards you like in the shop, and want them for every day use, you can always drop me a line to customize that card by removing the words thank you!

I'd also like to introduce you to Dionne's blog, Dionne is a very talented photographer and illustrator and she shares fun handmade and vintage finds several times a week as well as snapshots from her own life and home.

So you're probably wondering by now how you can win your very own set of thank you cards, am I right? Head over to the thank you cards shop contest on Dionne's blog and be sure to let her know which set of cards you'd pick from the shop, and also let her know about someone in your life who you feel deserves a special thank you!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Thank You Cards Shop ~ Maui Inspiration

thank you cards shop inspiration

Nothing like a holiday to get the inspiration flowing. I've got several new thank you cards already designed in my mind for the Thank You Cards Shop! Maui is a beautiful island with a totally laid back vibe that has me eager to return to designing. I love bright colors and tropical designs, but driving around Maui I quickly found a new appreciation for them, and for living somewhere that has a perpetual summertime vibe.

So the new collection, which I'm hoping to launch in a couple weeks, will be geared towards anyone who wants a thank you card to reflect their love of travel, bright colors and a modern simplicity. These cards will be different than anything that is in the shop so far, and I'm excited to get work started. I know writing your thank you cards after any special event is a highly personal thing so it'll be great to have a new style of cards available. Also in the works, I'm hoping to do a mini site redesign to highlight all of the new thank you notes! I'm not sure if I'm being too ambitious, but our vacation has me rested and ready to take on new things. I feel 100% ready for summer too, and am already thinking about planning some fun weekends away from the city.

I don't think we took our camera out once on the trip (so typical for us!), but I did find a beautiful photo here on Flickr, of Honolua Bay (pictured above). We did take some video so I'll see about getting that uploaded.

Things might be kind of quiet around here as I get the new thank you cards prepped and ready to go, but I'll check in as time allows!


Sunday, May 08, 2011



It's hard for me to believe that in just a few days I'll be taking a break from all things stationery and thank you cards for a holiday in Hawaii! Being small business owners we haven't taken too many vacations the last few years, so that makes the trip even more exciting. Things may be pretty quiet around here for the next little bit, but I've got some new thank you cards and a new printable or two in the works that I'll try to share before we go if I can. Hopefully I'll have a fun video and some pictures to post from our trip when we get back.

I found the gorgeous picture above on flickr from Sarah Lee, and wow does it ever have me daydreaming right now...