Sunday, November 20, 2011

Introducing Jersey....

***Updated*** Please see below for updates!

I'd love to tell you that I've spent the last few weeks working day and night on Thank You Cards for the Christmas collection (as planned), but that would only be partly true. We invited the sweetest houseguest into our home and he's been taking up a good chunk of our time and we've been pretty happy about that! Meet Jersey - he's a 10 month old Mastiff/Bulldog cross with a whole lot of energy and affection to spare. He's a rescue dog who was surrendered when he got mange (it's all cleared up now). We took him in as a foster dog two weeks ago when he was brought to Vancouver from Vernon for a family that was interested in adopting him. When we met with the family, they loved him - but their dog did not, so an adoption wasn't possible. We've started looking again for the ideal family to adopt him - if you or someone you know are interested in learning more about Jersey please feel free to email me:

We think the right family would have no children under the age of 10 and experience with large breed dogs. If you already have a dog, that's great as he gets along really well with other dogs, though ideally it would be a larger dog, similar to his size.

To say that we've grown fond of "The Jerz" over the last couple weeks would be a big understatement, but a small apartment like ours isn't a good fit for him over the long term. We look forward to seeing him get adopted by a great family and I'll keep you posted on any updates here. If he hasn't been adopted by next weekend we might just have a cute video to show you in a week or so.

And in Thank You Cards Shop news - the Christmas collection should be ready in the next couple weeks. I'm sure you'll see a dog on a card or two!


Update: Tues. Dec. 6th, 2011
Good news! Our sweet foster puppy Jersey was adopted this last Friday. As I told my husband, letting him go was one of the hardest things I've done. Jersey was such a fun, loving dog and such a great companion (when he wasn't trying to jump on our neighbors in the hall and elevator ;) ) and I really wanted to keep him. This was our first time fostering a dog, and we knew going into it that our plan was not to adopt the dog, but Jersey came so close to changing our minds. While we own our current apartment, we know we may go back to renting at some unseen point in the future, and we're also planning to have kids some time in the next year or so. And Jersey was not a small puppy, he was 6 feet long from toe to toe stretched out and had some growing to do... Too big for our little apartment.

All of that aside - fostering dogs is really meaningful to me and something we plan to continue doing, it's volunteer work that does not feel at all like volunteering. I wouldn't even call it volunteering really - when people ask me why I do it, I let them know it's because I love dogs and it's really as simple as that. It's sad to think about, but lots of dogs are put down every day for whatever reason - so to know you helped stop that from happening is a good feeling. It's not something you do alone either. I was so lucky to have the help and support of my friends and family throughout the entire process - and at times I really needed it, especially when it came time to let Jersey go.

As it stands right now - we're set to get a new foster dog the day after we return from our Christmas holidays. I've also been looking into puppy sitting a service dog - I had no idea that most of the work that goes into raising a service dog is done by volunteers. These dogs are incredible companions for the individuals who end up owning them. Service dogs can be trained to be great helpers for people whose conditions leave them bound to a wheelchair, blind, deaf or coping with many other types of things such as epilepsy (the dogs can be trained to spot a pending epileptic attack).

I'm looking ahead to when we get our own dog, probably when our children are 5 or 6 years old. I've read up a bit on therapy dogs - these are dogs that receive special training so that they can visit hospitals, retirement homes, or even help children with their homework. I think it would be such a gift to be able to have a dog that could work in this way to help others.

So, what started a year or two ago with me saying: "I want a dog" nearly every time I saw one on the streets of our city (which was often, as there are so many dogs downtown) has ended up opening up so many different possibilities for our family, and I'm looking forward to the adventures ahead.

If you're a dog lover and don't already have a dog of your own - I hope you'll consider adopting from a rescue or getting involved in some way as you feel moved to. Another fun opportunity I learned about - the SPCA often needs volunteer dog walkers.

All of the gorgeous photos (except for the top one) were taken by my cousin, Natalie Fraser. Feel free to take a peek at her portfolio here.


Lisa said...

He is adorable! I wish we had a home for him!

Serena {Pretty Fluffy} said...

How beautiful is Jersey!! thanks for stopping by my blog - I LOVE finding other people out there who care about rescues and think it's just wonderful that these dogs have lovely people like you willing to foster and care for them. I hope Jerz enjoys his time with you and finds a family before too long x

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