Monday, June 06, 2011

Summer in the City...

summer in the city

Even though it doesn't officially arrive for a couple weeks yet, it's been feeling pretty summery around here the last few days. You know the feeling I'm talking about - where you just want to forget about any errands or work that should be done, and get outside as quickly as possible to soak up some rays and let everything slide. Irony of ironies I've been working on a summer themed collection for the shop - so that, coupled with the almost constant noise of fans outside our apartment means I'm looking for any excuse to get out of the house, even if it just means an extra trip to the grocery store. What fans, you ask? Well, the Stanley Cup finals are on now and with the Canucks just a few games from winning our city is right in the midst of hockey fever. 70,000 fans were downtown celebrating in the streets Saturday night - which even for our city is a pretty high number!

We had fun watching the hockey game with family Saturday night then went kayaking Sunday before having some out of town friends over for dinner - all in all a great weekend, and now the countdown is on til the next one.

As it's looking now, I'll be debuting the new thank you cards and thank you notes in the Thank You Cards Shop in a week or two! They're bright and cheery with a simple, yet modern look - definitely perfect for the lazy days of summer. I'm planning to have them ready before the official start of summer, and things are looking good for that right now. Hopefully they'll be available just as wedding season is in full swing, so the brides will have the option to get a fun set of wedding thank you cards to use for their handwritten notes.

That's not all that's in the works either! I've been having lots of fun thinking up new content for the blog, including some great printables, diy's and I'll also be writing some articles with tips to keep the creative juices flowing as you're writing out your thank you notes! So stay tuned, it's looking like it'll be a fun summer around here. If it's sunny where you live - hope you've got some time to enjoy it!


*The tilt shift photo of Kits Beach here in Vancouver is from Walker on Flickr, he's got some other great shots I think you'll want to take a look at too!


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