Sunday, April 03, 2011

The View from Here...

meat and bread

The weekend is just about over and a new one's almost here. Time to start the countdown to Saturday or what ;)? I actually opted to take Friday as my day off this week and so did the mister. We ended up going to a cute, fairly new-ish spot near our house for lunch - Meat and Bread. The name says it all - meat and bread is what you get - their menu is limited, but everything was delicious. I had a grilled cheese and tomato soup (classic right?) and DH had a meatball sandwich. In the bottom picture, on the left, you'll see the long communal table that runs almost the length of the restaurant. After lunch we visited a couple art stores, I met with a friend for coffee (hi Naz!) and afterwards, out to the movies. We saw Paul - if you're looking for something that'll get you giggling and not ask you to think too hard, I highly recommend it.

Hope your weekend was great and you're feeling ready for the week ahead!

**Disclaimer** The photos in this post, not mine. I'm no photog and found these on flickr, they were taken by Matt Walters.

meat and bread restaurant

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Lisa said...

That sounds like a fun day! I love restaurants that keep it simple but delicious. Maybe I’ll have to drag my mister on a mission to find one like that near us.

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